Privacy Policy

Please read this privacy policy to learn more about:
  1. What personally identifiable information of yours is collected by (“InboxPayday”) or by third-party advertisers (together, the “Third-Parties” or individually a “Third-Party” );
  2. How the information is used;
  3. How you can access and change your account information;
  4. How you will receive notice of changes in this privacy policy; and
  5. How to contact InboxPayday.
Information Collected by InboxPayday To become a member of InboxPayday, you must join and create an account on the InboxPayday website. The only information that InboxPayday collects is the information you provide through the InboxPayday registration process, and the information you provide when you update your payment options. This information includes your first and last name, your email address, your Internet Protocol Address (“IP address”), and other contact information. Your IP address is recorded when you register, so that InboxPayday can enforce its one account per person policy and other provisions of our Terms of Service.

Other information, that does not personally identify you as an individual, is collected by InboxPayday from the website (such as, by way of example, patterns of utilization), and it is exclusively owned by InboxPayday. This information can be utilized by InboxPayday in such manner as InboxPayday, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate.
Information Sharing & Disclosure In the event that you subscribe to or opt-in a Third-Party offer, InboxPayday may provide your information to the Third-Party in order to directly faciliate the relationship between you and the advertiser. InboxPayday may also, from time to time, provide your information to Third-Party advertisers who have offers that we think you'd be interested in. At any time, you can opt-out of this program simply by contacting support.

Your email address may also be used for tracking purposes, when you complete offers, so that InboxPayday can determine that you completed the offers. InboxPayday will also use your email address to send you the InboxPayday newsletters, unless you have opted out of receiving such newsletters by so indicating on the “E-mail Options” section of the “My Account” page, within the “Members Area” of the InboxPayday website.
Information Provided to Third-Parties or Other Users (“InboxPayday”) deals in large part with the Third-Parties. You may be asked by the Third-Parties to give them your personally identifiable information, either when you complete an offer, when you use their websites, or by some other means. InboxPayday is not responsible for information you provide the Third-Parties, and you should read their privacy policies as well before providing them with any such information. Please note, unless otherwise stated, any offer you complete on will be with a Third-Party.

Any information you post on the InboxPayday website or send through InboxPayday’s Message Center may be available to other InboxPayday users or viewers of the InboxPayday website. InboxPayday is not responsible for the information you post on the InboxPayday website or for information you provide other InboxPayday users, all of which you do at your own risk.
Legal Disclaimer It is possible that InboxPayday may need to disclose your personally identifiable information from time to time. Specifically, InboxPayday may disclose any information it has about you to legal authorities, your Internet Service Provider, or other harmed parties without your prior permission, if InboxPayday has a good-faith belief that such disclosure is warranted and/or necessary because: (1) you have violated InboxPayday’s Terms of Service, (2) you have undertaken actions which are illegal, fraudulent, or otherwise harmful to InboxPayday, its users, or the Third-Parties, or such disclosure is necessary (3) to conform to legal requirements or to comply with the legal process, (4) to protect and defend InboxPayday’s rights in any legal, judicial or administrative proceeding; or (5) to enforce the Terms of Service.
Managing Your Information You can review the personal information you have provided InboxPayday and make any desired changes to that information by logging in to your account on the InboxPayday website, clicking on the “My Account” icon in the “Members Area” section of the InboxPayday website, by editing the information, and then by submitting the revised information. You should update InboxPayday on any changes that occur, which would make the information you have provided InboxPayday inaccurate or misleading.
Changes to this Privacy Policy Notice of all changes that materially affect ways in which your personally identifiable information may be used or shared will be emailed to you or posted on the InboxPayday website. Your continued use of the InboxPayday program after such notices of changes have been sent to you or published on the InboxPayday website constitutes your consent to the changes.
Questions & Comments Unless stated otherwise, InboxPayday’s current privacy policy applies to all information that InboxPayday has about you and your account. If you have any questions or comments regarding your privacy or this privacy policy, you should  contact InboxPayday at prior to providing InboxPayday any personally identifiable information.